Recommended Trips

All excursions are led personally by Modou Colley.   

Convenient pick up / drop off locations always arranged.

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Red necked Falcon - Koto

Ever popular birding site located on the coast directly adjacent to some of the well known tourist hotels. The area consists of tidal creek, rice fields, golf course and freshwater (sewage) ponds.  Wide range of species always seen, a great introduction to 'Birding in The Gambia'

Species that are regularly seen here :- Pied Kingfisher / Senegal Thick-Knee / Striated Heron / Hammerkop / Malachite Kingfisher Grey Kestrel / Red Necked Falcon / Beautiful Sunbird / Sacred Ibis Black Heron / White Faced Whistling Duck / Blue Breasted Kingfisher / Giant Kingfisher / Greater Painted Snipe / Oriole Warbler / Senegal Parrot / Spur Winged Plover / Yellow Billed Kite Hooded Vulture / African Jacana / Blue Bellied Roller / Broad Billed Roller / Little Bee-Eater / Western Reef Heron / Intermediate Egret /  Black Headed Heron / Long Tailed Cormorant / Wood Sandpiper / Black Winged Stilt / Western Reef Heron / Yellow Billed Shrike / Western Grey Plantain Eater / African Palm Swift  Little Swift / Bronze Manakin / Northern Crombec / Grey Woodpecker / Intermediate Egret / Red billed Hornbill / Red Cheeked Cordon - Bleu / Black Crake / Lizard Buzzard / Shikra

Caspian Tern / Royal Tern 


Darwin Pool,  Abuko 

Long established nature reserve consisting of over 100 hectares of gallery forest with an open fresh water pool. Approximately 30 minutes drive from coastal hotels.

Species that are regularly seen here  :- Black Crake / African Darter Wattled Plover / African Pygmy Kingfisher / Giant Kingfisher  Palm Nut Vulture / Swallow tailed Bee-eater / Snowy crowned Robin-Chat / African Paradise Flycatcher / Pied Hornbill / Western Bluebill / Blue spotted Wood Dove / Senegal Coucal / Yellowbill Violet Turaco / Green Turaco / Ahanta Francolin / Green Hylia  Yellow breasted Apalis / Green Crombec / Collared Sunbird / Grey headed Bristlebill / White crowned Robin-Chat / Little Greenbul  Fanti Saw-wing / Senegal Parrot / Little Bee-eater / Booted Eagle Northern Black Flycatcher / Buff spotted Woodpecker

Lamin Rice Fields

Predominantly agricultural land situated close to Abuko,  area consists mainly of small cultivated rice fields.

Species regularly seen here :- Black Crake / African Jacana / Greater Painted Snipe / Blue bellied Roller / Striated Heron / Hooded Vulture / Grey Woodpecker / Intermediate Egret Grey Hornbill / Senegal Coucal / Little Bee-eater / Striated Heron Spur winged Plover / Hamerkop / Palm nut Vulture / Wire tailed Swallow / African Palm Swift / Fork tailed Drongo / White billed Buffalo Weaver / Pia Piac / Red billed Firefinch / Orange cheeked Waxbill 

Marakissa  Area

Wetland habitat - Marakissa 

Various mixed habitats including mature woodland, river and fresh water wetlands. Situated close to the border with Senegal and approximately 1 hrs drive from the main tourist hotel areas.
 Canoe trips are recommended and should not to be missed

Species that have been seen here previously :- Dwarf Bittern / Blue Breasted Kingfisher / Black Crake / Lesser Honeyguide / Red Shouldered Cuckoo Shrike / Yellow billed Woodpecker / Gabar Goshawk / Black crowned Tchagra / Western banded Snake Eagle Senegal Thick-knee / Northern Puffback / White breasted Cuckoo Shrike / Hamerkop / Brown Snake Eagle / African Harrier Hawk Shikra / African Jacana / Senegal Thick-knee / Wattled Plover Black headed Lapwing / Black billed Wood Dove / Green Pigeon  Violet Turaco / Klass's Cuckoo / Diederic Cuckoo / Broad billed Roller / Blue bellied Roller / Green Wood Hoopoe / Red billed Hornbill / Pied Hornbill / Grey Hornbill / Bearded Barbet / Fine Spotted Woodpecker / Red chested Swallow / Common Bulbul Grey backed Camerotera / Tawny flanked Prinia / Brown Babbler 
Black capped Babbler / Splendid  Sunbird / Beautiful Sunbird
African Golden Oriole / Red billed Firefinch / Grey headed Sparrow / Red cheeked cordon bleu / Purple Glossy Starling
African Crake / Allen's Gallinule/ Spotted Honeyguide
 Marsh Sandpiper / White faced Scops owl / Yellowbill
Greater Painted Snipe / Verreaux's Eagle Owl

River Allahein at Marakissa

Tanji Beach

Tanji Beach 

Tanji is located on the coast about 17 km south west of the main 
tourist hotels. It has a thriving commercial fishing industry which attracts numerous birds.

Slender billed Gull -  Tanji

Species that are frequently encountered here  :-  Caspian Tern  Royal Tern / Lesser crested Tern /  Slender billed Gull / Kelp Gull  Grey headed Gull / Osprey / Bar tailed Godwit / Pomarine Skua  Pink backed Pelican  Osprey / Grey headed Sparrow / Cattle Egret  Wire tailed Swallow / Yellow crowned Gonalek / Western Reef Heron / Pied Kingfisher / Crested Lark


Brown Snake Eagle -  Tujereng 

Tujereng is a sparsely vegetated and largely uncultivated  area  adjacent to the coast and close to Tanji. Easy accessibility and a diverse range of species makes this location very poplar with visiting birders. 

Species that are regular seen here  :- White fronted Black Chat  Brown backed Woodpecker / Temminck's Courser / Wahlberg's Eagle / Little Bee-eater / Lanner Falcon / Striped Kingfisher / Bru Bru / Yellow Penduline Tit / Bearded Barbet / Senegal Batis / Little Weaver / Black crowned Tchagra / African Palm Swift / Greater Honey Guide / Scarlet chested Sunbird / Tawny flanked Prinia Splendid Sunbird / Brown Snake Eagle / Chestnut crowned Sparrow Weaver / Mottled Spinetail / Wattled Plover  /Yellow fronted Canary / Little Weaver / Grey Kestrel / Cardinal Woodpecker / African Black Flycatcher / Dark chanting Goshawk Namaqua Dove / Striped Kingfisher / Mottled Spinetail   Beaudoin's Snake Eagle 


Fresh water habitat - Kartong 

Located on the coast close to The  Gambia's southern border with Senegal yet still easily accessible for a day trip.  Former sand mines are now flooded with fresh water which has created superb wetland areas. Diverse range of habitats including almost deserted shoreline bordered by extensive sand dunes and fresh water wetlands.  There is also a bird observatory at Kartong which has recorded over 350 bird species.

White Faced Whistling Duck - Kartong
Species that previous trips have seen here  :-  White fronted Plover Malachite Kingfisher / Caspian Tern / Royal Tern / Black Crake Abyssinian Roller / African Harrier Hawk / Beaudoin's snake Eagle Greater blue eared Starling / Senegal Thick-knee / Mosque Swallow / Rufous crowned Roller / Little Swift / Shikra Yellow billed Oxpecker / Lavender Waxbill / Namaqua Dove / Pink backed Pelican / Black rumped Waxbill / Red chested Swallow / Western Plantain-Eater / Spur winged Plover / African Spoonbill / Black shouldered Kite

Bund Road

Yellow billed Stork - Bund Road 

The Bund Road is a busy highway several km's in length and is situated on the outskirts of  Banjul, it runs alongside tidal Mangroves and divides these muddy wetlands from the mouth of the River Gambia.   An excellent place to visit for a few hours, can be dependant on local tides. 

Species that have been seen here previously  :- Pink backed Pelican Blue cheeked Bee-eater / Yellow billed Stork / Pied Kingfisher Slender billed Gull / Marsh Sandpiper / Western Reef Heron  African Spoonbill / Royal Tern / Caspian Tern / Grey headed Gull African Darter / Long tailed Cormorant / Hooded Vulture / Osprey Gull billed Tern / Black Heron / Red chested Swallow / Wire tailed Swallow / Malachite Kingfisher / Little Bee-eater / Great White Egret / Grey headed Gull / Mediterranean Gull / Lesser crested Tern / Gull billed Tern

Camilo Corner and Cape Creek

Located close to Banjul and can easily be combined with a visit to The Bund Road.  Camaloo Corner is an extensive sandy tidal creek which often holds roosts of waders and Terns.

Species that have previously been encountered here :- Senegal Thick-knee Royal Tern / Caspian Tern / Gull billed Tern Hammerkop / Blue cheeked Bee-eater / Black shouldered Kite  Pied Kingfisher / Pink backed Pelican / Wattled Plover / Little Bee-eater / Blue bellied Roller Black headed Plover / African Spoonbill  Yellow billed Shrike Grey headed Gull / Hooded Vulture / Yellow billed Kite  White fronted Whistling Duck / Abyssinian Roller Senegal Couchal / Western Reef Heron / Black winged Kite  

Gull billed Tern - Cape Creek

Brufut Woods

Long tailed Nightjar - Brufut Woods

A fairly extensive area of savannah woodland about a 30 minutes drive from the main tourist areas.  Managed by Brufut Community in conjunction with The West African Bird Study Association. 

Species that are regulary seen here  :- Long tailed Nightjar / Klass's Cuckoo / Black crowned Tchagra / Scarlet chested Sunbird  Fork tailed Drongo / Greater Honeyguide / Yellow billed Oxpecker  African Golden Oriole / Senegal Parrot / Verreaux's Eagle Owl

Yellow throated Leaflove / Fine spotted Woodpecker / Lizard Buzzard / Red billed Hornbill / Green wood Hoopoe / Yellow fronted Tinkerbird / Cardinal Woodpecker / Blue spotted Wood Dove / Northern Crombec / Red winged Warbler / Yellow fronted Canary / Pin tailed Wydah / Yellow billed Shrike / Village Indigo Bird / Sulphur breasted Bush Shrike / African Paradise Flycatcher 
Western violet backed Sunbird / Beautiful Sunbird / Splendid Sunbird / Variable Sunbird / Vieillot's Barbet

Bijillo Forest Park

Palms at Bijillo

Bijillo is a small narrow strip of remnant coastal woodland situated close to the main tourist area of Kololi. It  backs onto a dune system directly adjacent to the coast. About 126 acres in size, Palm trees predominate, over 130 bird species have been recorded at this long established Forest Park. 

Species that have been seen here previously  :- Blue bellied Roller  Senegal Couchal / White throated Bee-eater / Little Bee-eater Lanner Falcon / African Grey Hornbill / Red billed Hornbill  Snowy crowned Robin Chat / Palm Nut Vulture / African Paradise Flycatcher / Yellow crowned Gonalek / Blue spotted Wood Dove

Black billed Wood Dove.


Faraba Banta Bush Track

The Bush Track

Modou's home village of Faraba Banta lies close to the South Bank Road and is approximately 1 hours drive from the coastal tourist area. The Bush Track runs south from the village and is sparsely wooded with savannah like vegetation. It is an outstanding area for Raptors.

Species that have been seen here previously  :- Dark Chanting Goshawk / Bateleur / African Hobby / Wahlberg's Eagle / Hooded Vulture / Greyish Eagle Owl / Spotted Thick-knee / Striped Kingfisher / White shouldered Black Tit / White crested helmet Shrike /  Swallow tailed Bee-eater / Stone Partridge / Beaudoin's Snake Eagle / Pearl spotted Owlet / Senegal Parrot / Yellow bellied Hyliota / Yellow White-eye / Swallow tailed Bee-eater / Black shouldered Kite / African Harrier Hawk / Yellow billed Oxpecker 

Little Weaver / Namaqua Dove / Black billed Wood Dove / Bruces Green Pigeon / Red billed Quell / Vieillot's Barbet / Senegal Parrot

Greyish Eagle Owl-  Faraba Banta bush track

Pirang (Bonto) Forest

White faced Scops Owl -  Bonto Forest

This 65 hectare quality patch of relict forest lies between the villages of Pirang and Bonto on the South Bank road less than 1 hours drive from the main tourist hotels. It is a community managed woodland with its own rangers and has many interesting species of birds.

Species that have been seen here previously :- African Wood Owl White spotted Flufftail / Ahanta Francolin / White faced Scops Owl Striped Kingfisher / Common Wattle-Eye / Yellow breasted Apalis Green Crombec / Little Greenbull / Northern Puffback / African Paradise Flycatcher / Violet Turaco / Green Hyla / Verreaux's Eagle Owl / African Thrush / Green backed Eremomela / Bearded Barbet 

Pied Hornbill / Double spurred Francolin / Green Turaco / Grey headed Bristlebill / Leaflove / Grey backed Camerotera / Green Hylia / Blue bellied Roller / Fork tailed Drongo / Brown Babbler


Campanti - In the dry season

Located on the South Bank Road, about 30 minutes driving time from Faraba Banta, an ideal place to vosit when en route to locations further 'up river'. This site is flooded in the rainy season and remains partially wet right throughout the dry season. It attracts many birds including numerous raptors to both bathe and drink. somewhat an 'oasis' in an otherwise arid area.

Species that have been seen here previously :- African Harrier Hawk / Hooded Vulture / White backed Vulture / African Fish Eagle / Palm nut Vulture / Bateleur / Grasshopper Buzzard / Long crested Eagle / Wahlberg's Eagle / Tawny Eagle / Martial Eagle / Hawk Eagle / Shikra / Blue bellied Roller / Bearded Barbet / White billed Buffalo Weaver / White helmet Shrike / Intermediate Egret / Black headed Heron / Woodland Kingfisher / African Jacana / Grey Hornbill / Fork tailed Drongo / Hamerkop / Black Crake / Yellow throated Leaflove / Sacred Ibis / Pied Kingfisher / Black Flycatcher Pearl spotted Owlet / Yellow billed Shrike / Malachite Kingfisher 

Yellow billed Oxpecker / African Thrush / Brown Snake Eagle 
Violet Turaco / Pied winged Swallow / Wire tailed Swallow 
Fork tailed Drongo / Pygmy Kingfisher / Doubled spurred Francolin / Spur winged Plover / Yellow billed Kite / Pia Piac
Wattled Plover 

Martial Eagle - Campanti


Tendaba Camp

Creek Crawling along Kisi Bolong from Tendaba

Located about 150 km east of Banjul on the River Gambia which at this point is nearly 2 km wide and is still tidal. Tendaba is a long established bush camp offering basic lodge style accommodation and regular boat trips to the bird rich creeks.   It is one of the top  birding locations in The Gambia and is a site that every discerning  birder should visit. 

Best known for the salt water riverine habitat of the River Gambia and the associated Mangrove Creeks however Tendaba offers several other habitats including savannah grasslands / agricultural  and wooded areas.

Species that have been seen here previously :- Mouse brown Sunbird / Pygmy Sunbird / African Darter / Pink backed Pelican / African blue Flycatcher / Finfoot / Wooly necked Stork / Goliath Heron / Beaudoin's Snake Eagle / Palm nut Vulture / African Fish Eagle / Great White Pelican / Gull billed Tern / White backed Night Heron / Striated Heron / White throated Bee-eater / Wahlberg's Eagle / Bronze winged Courser / Standard winged Nightjar / Little  Swift Four banded Sandgrouse /  Spur winged Plover / Senegal Thick-knee / Black Scimitarbill / Broad billed Roller / Grey headed Bush Shrike / Pells Fishing Owl / Red billed Hornbill / Lesser blue eared Starling / Cut throat Finch / Bruce's Green Pigeon / Caspian Tern / Hamerkop / Yellow fronted Canary / Western banded Snake Eagle / Malachite Kingfisher / Great White Pelican / Sacred Ibis
Grey Woodpecker / Blue breasted Kingfisher / African Spoonbill

Kiang West

Batteling Track -  Kiang West 

Administered by The Gambia Department of Parks and Wildlife, situated adjacent to the River Gambia close to the village of Tendaba.  Kiang West was established as a National Park in 1987,  the location consists of some 11,000 hectares which is mostly deciduous woodland and guinea savannah with some mangrove creeks.

Nearly 300 species of birds have been recorded within the National Park including 20 different raptors.

Species that have been seen here previously :-  Bateleur Grasshopper Buzzard / Helmeted Guineafowl / Martial Eagle   Long crested Eagle / Striped Kingfisher / Abyssinian Ground Hornbill / Pygmy Sunbird / White crested helmet Shrike  Abyssinian Roller / Black headed Plover / Greater blue eared Glossy Starling / Lesser blue eared Glossy Starling / Bush Petronia Black crowned Tchagra  Black Wood Hoopoe / Little Weaver Shikra / Northern Crombec / Temminck's Courser / Yellow fronted Tinkerbird / African Hawk Eagle / Mottled Spinetail / Grey Kestrel Fork tailed Drongo Green backed Eromomela / African Golden Oriole / Beaudoin's Snake Eagle / Brown Snake Eagle / Bru Bru White backed Vulture /
Scarlet chested Sunbird / Yellow fronted Tinkerbird / Mottled Spinetail / Grey Kestrel / Swallow tailed Bee-eater / Bru Bru / Black crowned Tchagra / European Bee-eater
Lizard Buzzard / Grasshopper Buzzard 

Bateleur - Kiang West

Kaur Wetlands / Soma Wetlands / Panchang Wetlands

These three significant wetlands are to be found close to the River Gambia and are worthy stopping off points when travelling 'up river' to Georgetown or beyond.

Species that have been seen here previously :- Egyptian Plover Collared Pratincole / Chestnut backed sparrow Lark / Black Heron Spur winged Plover / Gull billed Tern / Senegal Thick-knee  African Darter / Montagu's Harrier / Pygmy Goose / White rumped Seedeater / Purple Swampohen / Malachite Kingfisher / Pygmy Sunbird / Greater Painted Snipe / Blue cheeked Bee-eater

Red billed Quela / Marsh Sandpiper / Kentish Plover / Namaqua Dove / Red rumped Swallow 

Egyptian Plover  Panchang Wetlands

Georgetown (Janjanbureh)  

Grey headed Kingfisher - Near Georgetown

Georgetown was formerly the second largest town in the Gambia, it is situated on the River Gambia approximately 120 kms east of Tendaba.  Baobolong Lodge is located close to Georgetown on MacCarthy Island, it offers good food and accommodation and boat trips are easily arranged  and highly recommended.

Species that have been seen here previously :- Standard winged Nightjar / White headed Vulture / Swamp Flycatcher / African Finfoot / African Fish Eagle / Shining Blue Kingfisher / Grey headed Kingfisher / Palm nut Vulture / Black headed Heron / Four banded Sandgrouse / Fine spotted Woodpecker / Hadaba Ibis / Red throated Bee-eater / Blue cheeked Bee-eater / Broad billed Roller  Long tailed Nightjar / Lizard Buzzard / Shikra / Black Crake  African Painted Snipe / Martial Eagle / Wahlberg's Eagle 

Bansang Quarry

Red throated Bee-eater - Bansang Quarry

Located near the village of Bansang on the South Bank Road about 20 kms east of Georgetown.  This site is an active, sand quarry however it is probably better known for its breeding Bee-eaters than it is for its sand.

Species that have been seen here previously:- Red throated        Bee-eater / Cut throat Finch / Wahlbergs Eagle / Exclamatory Paradise Wydah / Cinnamon breasted Bunting / Northern Ant-eater Chat / Honey Buzzard / Gabar Goshawk / Dark chanting Goshawk 

Jakhaly Rice Fields

Kittlitz's Plover - Jahally Rice Fields

Jakhaly rice fields are a community run rice growing project some 500 hectares in size. The site is to be found just off The South Bank Road around 25 kms west of Georgetown.

Species that have been seen here previously :- Black Couchal Kittlitz's Plover / African Jacana / Collared Pratincole / Quail Finch Maribou Stork / Marsh Harrier / Black Crake / Greater Painted Snipe / Abyssinian Roller / Black winged Stilt 

Basse Santa Su

Egyptian Plover - Basse Jetty

Basse is a busy town located on the River Gambia in the east of the country, it is over 300 kms in distance from the Atlantic coast. The jetty at Basse is a reliable site for Egyptian Plovers and they are recorded here annually from October through until early February.

Species that have been seen here previously :- Egyptian Plover Adamawa Turtle Dove / Northern Carmine Bee-eater / Little Green Bee-eater / Striated Heron / Bronze tailed Glossy Starling / Red Necked Falcon / Knob billed Goose / Grey Kestrel / Little Swift 

Wassu Sand Quarry

Sand quarry situated on the North Bank Road 20 kms east of Georgetown, adjacent to the Wassu Stone Circle world heritage site.

Species recorded here include :- Little Green Bee-eater / Grey Kestrel / Northern Anteater Chat / White rumped Seedeater

Northern Carminr Bee-eater / Red throated Bee-eater / Cut throat Finch / Sahel Paradise Flycatcher / Hammerkop / White backed Vulture / Gaber Goshawk / Little Swift / Martial Eagle / African Hawk Eagle / Quail Finch / Beaudoin's Snake Eagle / Black headed Plover / Dark chanting Goshawk / Grasshopper Buzzard / Ruppell's Vulture / White backed Vulture / Abbysinnian Roller / Rufous crowned Roller

African Hawk Eagle

Niokola - Koba National Park & Dindefelko Waterfall South East Senegal

Long established National Park and World Heritage Site located approximately 600 km east of Banjul in Senegal near to the Guinea Bissau border. The National park is very rich in fauna and flora, it  comprises mostly of woodland savannah with large areas of both wooded and seasonal wetlands through which the the River Gambia flows. Some 9130 km2 in area and rising to 300 m above sea level.  Elephant / Lion / African Leopard / Giant Eland all occur but are difficult to see, 330 different species of birds have been recorded.

The following species were the highlights observed during a  brief visit in early 2018 :-  Black crowned Crane / Bateleur (numerous sightings) African Hawk Eagle / Martial Eagle / White headed Lapwing / Beaudouin's Snake Eagle / Long crested Eagle / Helmeted Guineafowl / African Blue Flycatcher (common)  Dybowski's Twinspot / Familiar Chat / Neumann's Starling / Red headed Weaver / Kulikkoro (Mali) Firefinch / Bar breasted Firefinch / Wilson's Indigo Bird / Yellow Rumped Tinkerbird / Egyptian Plover / African Pied Wagtail

At Dindefolo Water Fall :- Narina's Trogon and Mocking Cliff Chat

Mammals seen included :- Buffon's Kob / Oribi / Buffalo / Roan Antilope / Waterbuck / African Wild Cat / Spotted Hyena / Lion Warthog / Bushpig /  Genet / Giant Pangolin / Porcupine Sp.